General Terms and Conditions, Instructions

I. Rights and Obligations

  1. The Lessor undertakes to hand over the vehicle to the Lessee on the date of signature of the lease agreement; the term, for rent purposes, commences on the same date.
  2. The Lessee shall allow the vehicle to be driven only by a driver specified in the lease agreement.
  3. The Lessor shall insure the vehicle. Trips abroad are allowed only upon agreement with the Lessor.
  4. Should the Lessee discover any defect in the vehicle caused by wear and tear, the Lessee shall be obliged to report it to the Lessor without undue delay. The Lessee shall not affect any modifications/repairs on the vehicle. Should the Lessor fail to provide repairs on time, the Lessee shall have the right to have the vehicle repaired with all the relevant consequences.
  5. When leaving the vehicle parked, the Lessee shall always use the installed security systems, as well as remove the car radio and not leave it behind in the vehicle. This duty also applies to the GPS navigation device, whether it be leased or whether it belongs to the Lessee.
  6. Insurance does not cover any damage due to contravention of the provisions of Act No. 99/1998 (driving under influence of alcohol or drugs). If the said Act is violated, the damage sustained shall be paid by the customer.

II. Miscellaneous

  1. The Lessor shall deliver the vehicle to the Lessee complete with
    1. a full fuel tank
    2. all accessories required by law
    3. all documents necessary for the vehicle operation

    Should the documents or accessories of the vehicle (or any part thereof) be lost, the Lessee shall pay the Lessor any expenses required to obtain new documents or to procure new accessories.

  2. The Lessee acknowledges and agrees that his/her failure to return the vehicle any later than on the day following the date specified in this lease agreement as the end of the term of lease shall become subject to the applicable criminal law provisions (illegal use of third-party property or theft as applicable)
  3. Should any damage be incurred through the fault of the Lessee, the Lessee shall be obliged to pay:
    1. a deductible: 5% of the damage caused to the vehicle, or at least CZK 5,000. This shall also apply in respect to any theft of the vehicle
    2. the rent up to the date when the vehicle repair in an authorized repair shop has been completed
    3. in the case of a car accident, the Lessee shall submit an accident report issued by the Czech Police.
  4. The Lessee shall return the vehicle with a full fuel tank and in a clean condition.
  5. Should the Lessee fail to return the vehicle on the agreed date and at the agreed time without legitimate grounds, properly and timely communicated to the Lessor, the deposit shall not be refunded.
  6. The leased vehicle shall not be used for towing other vehicles or for taxi services.
  7. The Lessee agrees that the Lessor may take a copy of the Lessee’s identity card / passport and driver’s licence
  8. The Lessee confirms that he/she has read and understood these Conditions and undertakes to abide by them, as well as by any laws and regulations applicable to motor vehicle operation. THE VEHICLE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE SHALL NOT BE LEFT BEHIND IN THE VEHICLE.

Documents necessary for executing the lease agreement:

A natural person:

  • identity card/passport
  • driver’s licence

A corporate entity:

  • extract of the Commercial Register/trade licence
  • identity card(s) of the driver(s)
  • driver’s licence(s) of the driver(s)